06 April 2008

Ah... hang on a sec, willya?

I... ah... think my... ah... mom wants to speak with me...

"I admit that I'm no master spin doctor -- maybe a spin intern -- but I have a hunch that whispering amongst yourselves while a reporter is on the phone with you might not be projecting the image of an accountable government agency with nothing to hide."

"Muting the call twice, though, is just priceless."


Semaj Mahgih said...

So all action over there then.

Neo Conservative said...

"Semaj Mahgih said... So all action over there then."

yup... kinda like the keystone kops.

just don't confuse frantic activity... with constructive activity.


Kai_Wolf said...

Absolutley priceless.

And to think, all it took was for people to stand up to those that try to use intimidation as a club. See what happens when you kick a few stones as you fight back? The "progressive" cockroaches scurry for cover. I love it.


Sorry, double post and typo.

Neo Conservative said...

sometimes, like ezra... you do what you can... and it does make a difference.