25 September 2007

Harm reduction my ass

In the wake of the "let's give junkies a safe, clean place to inject poison into their veins" controversy... I've been trying to imagine the next silly-ass wave of nanny-state, government sanctioned assininity...

Ms. Davis said the co-operative brothel would keep sex workers safe and give the workers access to drug treatment and other support. She said if it opens, the cooperative brothel would likely be situated in the industrial area of the Downtown Eastside.
Of course... whorehouses.

What parent wouldn't be pleased to have their child performing serial sex acts on a daily dozen misfit strangers, so they can earn money to feed their ravening heroin addiction?

It's hard to imagine what the loony left could possibly have planned for an encore to that.

How about a subsidised shooting-range for gangbangers, to reduce the number of people injured or killed by stray bullets? Or maybe we could send teenage racers to skid-school to minimise the number of idiots who kill themselves while running away from the police?

Is there an end to this insanity?

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KC said...

Obviously "personal choice" isnt a value to which you subscribe.

Well if you prefer to continue banging your head against the wall with failed prohibitionist policies I guess thats your prerogative.

Anonymous said...

Their place on the street will just be taken by another cracked out whore, this is a stupid idea.

I guess escort services and message parlors are not enough to supply the caring socialists that use these services.

KC...Personal choice is becoming a whore to begin with.

RightGirl said...

As a former working gal, I agree with Anon. A "co-op brothel" will be the kind of place with drug-riddled street trash, because then the champagne socialists will really feel they're helping the "underprivileged." That's a load of BS. The kind of "whore" you want to help is the one paying her tuition, or refusing welfare, or catching up on her car payments. Someone who will reinvest her earnings into society at large, not into some dope dealer's baggy pockets.

Get these women into rehab - don't exploit them in a whorehouse.


Neo Conservative said...

"kc said... "personal choice" isnt a value to which you subscribe"

your daughter winds up in a dark alley giving five dollar blowjobs to furtive strangers to support her crack habit... you gonna support her personal choice... or are you gonna intervene?

c'mon over here you moron... i'll safe-inject you with something.