27 April 2008

Game, Set and Match

Say... has anybody seen Jeffy "Bugboy" Davidson lately?

-- LA Story -- So I'm at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. I've done my paneling duties, and I'm sitting under a tent to sign books. The (short) queue terminates, and up comes a guy with a videocamera.

"Remember me?" Amd I do - it's the same 9/11 denialist who showed up at a LA Public Library event I did some weeks ago.

"Still think I need stronger medication?" (A reference to what I'd told him at the prior encounter.)

I said: "Actually I regret I didn't tell you what my friend Christopher Hitchens told you - F—- off."

I returned to my conversation with my fellow tent residents. The camera kept on, which bugged me. So I walked over to him and snapped it shut. He was visibly startled, but he turned the camera back on. So I snapped it shut again. He began to shout: "I've been assaulted by David Frum! I've been assasulted by David Frum!"

I was tempted to answer, "Now you see the violence inherent in the system," but I thought the reference would be lost on him. Festival security intervened, and led him away, still shouting.


Anonymous said...

Who operates his photomat when he's out of town?

Neo Conservative said...

if i had to guess... i'd say mummy.