29 April 2008

CTV and Lt.-Cmdr. William Kuebler...

Are both lying through their teeth...

He noted that "an overwhelming majority of Canadians" polled don't believe Khadr will receive a fair hearing in the U.S. and would like him returned home to Canada.
See, that's a little funny... because CTV's sister company, the Globe & Mail, recently ran a poll on that very question...

Should Omar Khadr be tried in Canada as a youth?That's an overwhelming majority all right... just not the way the CTV has chosen to report it... this time around.

But, but, but... poor old Omar, he's a regular Canadian... just like you and me...
Kuebler said Khadr wants to do what other Canadians do -- such as go to school, get a job, watch movies like "Lord of the Rings," and visit the Rocky Mountains.

"They are not the dreams of a dangerous jihadist," he said. "They are the dreams that we can admire and relate to."
Are you relating yet?



langmann said...

I wonder if he'll like the part in the Lord of the Rings where the Easterlings get run down by the Byzantinian-like defenders of Minas Tirith along with their Norman-like friends from Rohan? The Easterlings have bought into a religion that is lead by a god who wants to destroy the entire Earth.

My guess is that Lord of the Rings isn't high on the list of things this Kadhr has been brought up to enjoy and this lawyer is simply talking out his arse.

Just a guess.

Neo Conservative said...

"...such as go to madrassa, get explosives training, watch movies like 'jihad & you,' and make the holy journey to mecca."


langmann said...

What is their definition of a fair trial?

I bet it goes like this:

If he gets aquitted/not guilty then the trial was fair.

If he is found guilty then the trial was rigged.

Just asking.

arctic_front said...

Utterly unbelieveable what the lawyer just said.

Omar didn't seem too interested in movies and skateboards when he was 15. Why would he sudden;y want to resort back to those childish things as a grown man now?

He belongs in prison.....and so should his whole family. preferably a prison in the M.E. somewhere. A place that is vile and detestable and treats them all like the scum they are.