28 April 2008

Considering the "cultural disconnect"

Obviously... one man's deeper truth... is another man's "crazy as a shithouse mouse."

-- Robert Fulford, NAT POST -- The four men, uneasy comrades at best, exhibit mutual jealousy and sharp policy disagreements as well as passionate hatred of the non-Muslim world. They are often described as thinkers and theorists but an outsider, reading their texts in translation, may find it hard to identify the thought.

They confuse ranting with teaching and clearly believe repetition is a virtue, nuance a vice. As Kepel notes, they all consider history a single narrative.

The Prophet appears, Islam rises and extends its power and then each succeeding generation must accept the task of completing what is so far only a partial conquest of the world.

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"Suicide bombers conducted 658 attacks around the world last year … more than double the number in any of the past 25 years … More than four-fifths of the suicide bombings over that period have occurred in the past seven years, the data show."


Anonymous said...

islamic jihad will never end. this too bad for those of us who like freedom.

Neo Conservative said...

or for anyone who has a problem with, say... decapitation.