29 April 2008

Alright, Toronto...

Congratulations on solving that nasty guns and gangs issue...

City council endorsed David Miller's handgun ban yesterday, but left the mayor three votes shy of winning unanimous support.

It's tough to get unanimous support at Toronto council, Miller noted. But he said the city made a "strong and powerful step" towards eliminating guns from the streets.

"Will it put an end to all guns in our country that are used illegally? We know there is more work to do and the answer is sadly no," Miller said. "Will it make a significant impact? The answer is absolutely yes."
In support of his "if you ban it, they will magically disappear" initiative, His Blondeness trots out an impressive statistic...
He said one-third of crimes in Toronto, including the Jan. 12 shooting death of innocent bystander John O'Keefe on Yonge St., are committed with legally registered handguns.
The only problem is... it isn't true.
"Statistics Canada has reported that 2.27% of homicides in Canada were committed with a registered gun and only 1.21% were committed with a registered firearm that was owned by the accused."
But don't tell that to David Miller.

He's livin' the dream.


Dave Hodson suggested... "So, Let's set up a combination safe shooting sites--you can shoot guns and drugs in the same protected environment!"

Langmann replied... "Its called Toronto."

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When I mentioned the handgun ban to Mrs. Neo, she was strangely unenthusiastic...
"It's a pity," said Mrs. N, no doubt thinking fondly of her salad days at U of T.

"I always felt so much safer when we were allowed to walk around Toronto packing heat."

LAST WORD: On the other hand...

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair spoke out enthusiastically in support of the Mayor...
"Thank goodness, someone has finally solved this horrible problem. Toronto police officers were sick and tired of finding hundreds of armed criminals every year and not being able to do anything about it."

"We look forward to starting to arrest these miscreants, from this point forward."


Anonymous said...

David Miller is an idiot. Period.

This idiot needs a nice 6 month vacation in Kabul. Without his evil gun.

Neo Conservative said...

but, like premier mcslippery, the sheeple of toronto keep on voting him in.

it's true... you do get the kind of government you deserve.


langmann said...

So these social planners keep telling me that banning drugs doesn't work, instead safe injection sites work. However banning legally owned guns does work. Sometimes bans work and sometimes they don't.

Of course no-one has any scientific evidence to support their fairy tale rules.

Banning legally owned and used guns would be like banning the use of prescribed opioid pain medications that some people need to manage pain, for example after surgery, yet not doing anything about the people who steal opioids and sell them on the street.

That's Dan Miller thinking.

John M Reynolds said...

langmann, don't forget the producers and importers of the illegal opioids

Anonymous said...

David Miller is a dangerous socialist idiot. Period.

Fixed that for ya.

Anonymous said...

I think I've got the solution, and maybe we can kill (no pun intended) two birds with one stone, so to speak.

So, the lefty idiots want safe injection sites. They want to ban handguns as well.

So, Let's set up a combination safe shooting sites--you can shoot guns and drugs in the same protected environment! We can let the druggies inject all the drugs they want, while we allow the trigger-happy killers to fire off as many rounds as they like, and blow off a little steam. And, combining two separate social programs in the same site is bound to have cost efficiencies for the taxpayers of Toronto!

There you go... guns and drug problems all fixed with one easy solution that Miller and his band of fellow communists should be most happy with!

langmann said...

So, Let's set up a combination safe shooting sites--you can shoot guns and drugs in the same protected environment!

Its called Toronto.

Neo Conservative said...

there it is.