26 April 2008

You take all your tactical cues...

From HAMAS... don't be too surprised when the roof falls in on you...

"If we don't get this settled down soon, this is going to make Caledonia look like nothing," said one native protester who asked that his name not be used. "Six Nations protesters are on their way and so are the people who have been at Caledonia. This has nasty potential."
You just have to love the chutzpah here.

Even hardened, gangbangin' drug dealers in Toronto's west end... usually just fire a few shots and scamper back down their ratholes. Aboriginal protesters, in direct contrast, actually wade in and start beating police officers and threaten to bring out the heavy artillery, a la Oka.

These folks aren't entirely oblivious. They have to realise that, in the end, they are gonna be both outnumbered AND outgunned. The obvious strategy here... as in Gaza and at Ipperwash... is to provoke a heavy response. It's a chess game and the natives are hoping to exchange a pawn for the bishop of media outrage.

And hey, it works. There's no denying that Dudley George accomplished far more for "aboriginal causes" in death than he did in life.

And there is already a gathering storm.
Several witnesses confirmed the OPP had up to 150 officers and 50 vehicles already on site in this town, 50 kms west of Kingston, near the Mohawk Territory.

Sun Media's Pete Fisher said he was told by police that "they couldn't guarantee my safety" and he reported that he had never seen a bigger native protest scene. A whole field was set ablaze.
So far, with the OPP detachment in Napanee being their main opponent... the Mohawk protesters have managed to get away with, well... not quite murder. But the troops are massing and the rules of engagement are gonna twist and turn as things heat up.

They might wanna reconsider their HAMAS-based strategy.

Because that can get real ugly, real fast.


"You don't mean that when a situation involves the well meaning government and the granting of land to a "collective" where there is no real establishment of property rights that one native guy higher up on the social-ladder might actually rip the lower ones off?"

"That would never happen in Canada."


Mark said...

I remember when we had laws against this type of thing in this province. I must be getting old.

Neo Conservative said...

"mark says... I must be getting old."

oh, we still have the laws... we just don't apply them to "special" people.


Rich said...

There are faint glimmers of hope though.
One example (from the article linked below).
"The grand chief of a Mohawk reserve near Montreal wants a Quebec court judge to be reprimanded for saying a man's native heritage entitled him to special treatment in court."

Rich said...

link incomplete...trying again

alexb said...

Juliano Fantino does not have the cajones to do anything about this or any other native situation.
He has publicly stated that it is a fed problem and nothing to do with the OPP.
The show of force is a dog and pony show.
Let's try and scare them away,but whatever you do
,use no force.

langmann said...

Well I am no supporter of the racist apartheid reserve system in this country and most certainly agree that its time for one law.

I do however think that its pretty clear that Ipperwash was owned by the Chippewas and that the Feds took it from them in the 1940's. I'd be pretty pissed if the government took my property as well. Its time we had some property rights in this constitution.

That being said it's pretty obvious that the police are scared to do anything in regards to these protests - I personally would be. As we have seen if anyone gets hurt then you get churned up by the media, the courts and whatever lame Commission that is established by the next self-righteous government.

It's time this weak pathetic government stopped playing out of the "Jean Chretien do nothing but make big pronouncements" handbook and decided to either give these people this land or not. If not then do something about it.

Of course its really the fault of all the people who voted Liberal last election: as you well know the "big issue" as made up by the MSM was public funding of religious schools - something we currently do anyway of course just for certain people. Then as we know there was no debate it was simply decided that public funding of religious schools was bad (unless you're a Liberal in which case funding certain schools is allowed). Anyone who points out this double standard is bad.

Real dirty issues like the mishandling of these land claims, our crappy energy strategy got nicely swept under the rug.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Its time we had some property rights in this constitution."

agreed... with the additional comment...

"Oh yeah... this wily Culbertson dude who supposedly perpetrated the horrendous fraud on the poor aboriginals... was the grandson of John Desorontyon - the Mohawk chief to whom the entire eastern land grant to Mohawks was made."

"Funny how nobody ever mentions that in their manifesto.


langmann said...

zxreaid@ neo -

You don't mean that when a situation involves the well meaning government and the granting of land to a "collective" where there is no real establishment of property rights that one native guy higher up on the social-ladder might actually rip the lower ones off?

That would never happen in Canada.

langmann said...

(note: sorry about the "zxreaid" the word verification thing ended up in the comments)