18 April 2008

As Warren Jeffs is finding out...

You get to federal prison, chances are... your horny psycho-biker bunkie... is likely indifferent to your wishes too...

“He encourages marriage,” Mr. Walsh said. “In some ways, he's indifferent to their age.”

After a long day of testimony, Texas District Judge Barbara Walther ordered that all 416 children taken from the polygamist compound remain in state custody and be subject to DNA testing.
Of course, it's awfully easy to pass judgement here.

Much better to get some context from someone who has lived there...
Escape, a memoir published last fall, offers a more detailed portrait of life with the FLDS.

In the book, Carolyn Jessop, a sixth-generation polygamist describes her life as the fourth wife of Merril Jessop, who ran the recently raided Texas compound.