29 April 2008

Okay, I admit it... I was wrong

Climate change IS killing people...

"In bad years, the killings explode," Professor Miguel said. He believes that if climate change causes more drought years in Tanzania, the result will be more elderly women executed there and in other poor countries that still commonly attack supposed witches.


Honey Pot said...

Poor old grannie.

They will be coming for the first borns next.

Crazymamma said...

Let me get this straight, I could use a little help in understanding how these lefties try to think.

The world should rearrange it's self because little old ladies are being killed by ignorant superstitious folk, because of climate change? But we should sit idly, not interfere or judge a culture or religion, letting certain nations persecute, beat, deny their females medical care, an education, murder their women because of imaginary Honor wrongs?

Wow, the complexity boggles my wee little mind. I don't get it. I obviously need Cliff notes.

Neo Conservative said...

see... if we could just deal with global warming... EVERYONE would live happily ever after.


Honey Pot said...

They are dealing with it. The left have did it by demanding their biofuels so the third world countries could starve to death.

They are doing thier part for population control.

We will soon be all rolling in fields of clover and eating wormy apples, while weaving baskets to bury bodies in.