30 April 2008

Gotta have priorities, I guess

So the Fiberals spent hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire computers and software for the not-especially-functional Farmer Bob Rifle Registry.

Maybe they should have had a bit of a wider perspective...

OTTAWA — The Canada Revenue Agency has extended the deadline for online tax filing to May 6 as a result of heavy traffic that has bogged down its Netfile website.

“If you have difficulty sending or correcting your Netfile return, you have until midnight (local time) on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 to transmit it,” the notice says. “Your tax return will be considered as filed on time.” CRA stressed that if you owe money on your taxes, the usual filing deadline applies.

A software glitch took Netfile offline for nine days in March 2007, but CRA spokesman Jacqueline Couture said the site has not crashed this time.

“It's busy, it's overload,” she said. “For some people it seems to be working fine, for others it isn't.”
Not to worry though... the bureaucrats at the Department of Big Bad Boom... can tell you how many gopher rifles and skeet guns there are in Upper Rathole, British Columbia... they, uh... think.

Just call back in a couple of weeks.



Dave Hodson said...

I do like the fact that more people are taking advantage of the NetFile service. The more people we have filing returns electronically, the fewer government employees we need to pay to sit there and key numbers into a computer.

Anonymous said...

Gun registry.. how about a liberal swindler registry. (real conservative)