14 December 2007

It's my party...

And I'll fry if I want to.

-- BRANDON, Man. -- The Brandon police department is investigating allegations that some of its officers agreed to Taser people at a party, simply because they were curious about what it would feel like.

The Brandon Sun quoted unnamed sources as saying the Taser was brought to the party by an on-duty officer who hadn't been drinking, and that it was used by an officer on at least one willing, curious civilian with no lasting effects.

According to one account, the newspaper says, more than one person was Tasered, including off-duty officers.

UPDATE: Gotta say... I'm just shocked
Amid a countrywide controversy over police use of Tasers, a coroner's jury has recommended Toronto's front-line officers be equipped with the high-voltage weapons.

Yesterday's recommendation, one of 12 made at the inquest into the 2004 police shooting death of O'Brien Christopher-Reid, caught family and police by surprise.


Anonymous said...

Cool. It would be neat to try it.

manuel said...

A taser being at the odd party is nothing new, we used to have people go to concerts in calgary and the intelligent "youth" we were would asked to get tasered to see how it feels....security would normally come through on the request....two words for the experience, Butt clamping.

Neo Conservative said...

my guess is, adolescent males see this as a test of manhood... not unlike jousting.


ebt said...

Ah, good old Brandon! My home town. And as you can see, they know how to make their own fun.