12 May 2018

You can almost smell...

...the professional journalism...no smiles here

The advertisement read, “Everyone smiles in the same language!” and was promoting a teeth-whitening treatment.
Yet another gang of horrific hate criminals exposed to a shocked nations gaze.

The owner of Joe Van Gogh Coffee is closing his shop on the Duke University campus, he said Friday, to preserve the company’s “brand independence without conditions.”
Like, you know... the right to broadcast this heartwarming rap ditty...
" Never trust a bitch, never trust a nigga
Fuck bitches, fuck bitches, Get the scrilla "
Now... who would you rather be associated with?


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks..................is a smile cultural appropriation?

Anonymous said...

Ahh Neo help me out here I don't speak "ghetto" or Weasel" WTF is a "Scrilla"

Neo Conservative said...

skrill-a skrill-uh noun
1. Any circulating medium of exchange, including coins, paper money, and demand deposits.
2. Benjamins, booty, cash money, coin son, ends, flow, dolla dolla bills ya'll
"Yo dawg, dis dude here owes me some mad skrilla"

don' wanna be o-scrilla, brah!