23 May 2018

Not all Heroes wear Capes

Wonder if they've got tiny... "Jaws of Life of the Party?"

German firefighters are being trained to rescue men who have sex toy emergencies. Apparently, for the firefighters, it’s become a tonne of Teutonic trouble.

The new training is teaching them to cut off penis rings or to extract toys from, er, hard to reach places. The new initiative was launched after a slew of calls from kinkos in chaos.


Anonymous said...

old white guy...............can't get there from here.

Neo Conservative said...

wonder if they have a tiny
jaws of life for those, um...
delicate extraction jobs.


favill said...

They should just issue them with a .22 cal pistol...one bullet in the eye...one less depraved, mentally unstable person in society to worry about.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing the guy on "toy extraction"
duty is excused from the making dinner rota
that week.