16 May 2018


If my life is in danger, please send me an alert and get my attention, by all means. If a kid has been kidnapped, please let me know, but don’t make me crash my car or drop what I’m holding with an obnoxious shrill alert.

And don’t do it twice, so I can further despise our national bilingual policy.

And don’t do it three times to tell me the kid has been found.

This was a major fail.

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...I'm here to save you...
"People cannot opt out of this," said CRTC spokeswoman Patricia Valladao. "There is a high importance that people -- want it or not -- receive these alerts."
Here's a few home truths...

Cellphone amber alerts are political virtue-signalling and have nothing to do with missing children. The last thing the government wants is citizens tackling random mothers & children in public. It's mostly about blasting out a "we care" message to the entire political constituency at once.

The real purpose of this system, however... is for use in anticipated mass casualty events, like the terrorist bombings and shootings we see happening in Europe. When that 9/11 type event inevitably happens in Canada, the Civil Defence wallahs need a way to control and damp down the panicked populace. Think about that.