11 May 2018

And, apparently... Abu was right

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, citing operational security, refused to provide details today on the status of a Canadian former ISIS fighter who has confessed to an execution-style killing in Syria and is now home living in Toronto.

Abu Huzaifa said he told himself it was justified — that "you can do it and you won't be held accountable.
CBC Radio is now reporting that Abu has retracted his statements about murder and torture... and now claims he was suffering from PTSD when he said those things.

But, why worry, folks? I mean, what could possibly happen?


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TORONTO -- Crown attorney Liz Jackson noted there are six months between April and November. “And somehow your fingerprint managed to stay on that door, for that length of time, despite the door being cleaned daily with Windex and paper towels.”


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............what a great country, leave and go murder people and come back and go on welfare.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently pm dressup was asked to comment
on this terrorist's statements. justin
says the conservative party is just being