12 May 2018

Life's little mysteries

UPDATE: Feeling safer yet?insert alt text here

Khamzat Asimov, the suspect in a deadly knife attack in central Paris on Saturday evening, born in 1997 in Chechnya was on a French terrorist watch list.
Yup... here we go again...
The police said the attacker was armed with a knife, but gave no other details.

French media reported that two people are dead, and BFM television said one of them is the alleged attacker. The motive or reason for the attack was unclear.
Which was echoed by the CBC...
"The identity of the attack suspect and the reason for the attack are unclear."

UPDATE: Oh, wait... I think there's a clue!
"A witness told The Independent the assailant was shouting "Allahu akbar" and trying to get into restaurants as diners barricaded the doors."
Chechnya, Chechnya... that sounds so familiar.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............multicultural activities have changed.

Neo Conservative said...

i suspect a large part of the third word
settles disputes of any sort at the end
of a machete or a gun. see africa.


Neo Conservative said...

toronto's cp24 news is similarly baffled...

"Investigators working to understand why a 20-year-old French citizen born in the Russian republic of Chechnya went on a stabbing rampage in central Paris detained the dead suspect's parents and a friend Sunday."

what could it possibly be?