24 May 2018

Third homicide in a week

Remember, back, you were a kid... neighbours eatin' dirt like an old John Wayne movie...

Yeah, me neither

TORONTO — Toronto Police are investigating the ‘targeted’ murder of Abbegail Elliott, 21, in an Annex apartment Wednesday afternoon. The Spadina subway station was temporarily closed due to the investigation.
The 32nd murder of 2018.


UPDATE: Surprise, surprise...
Two suspects seen running from the building on Wednesday have been identified as Saria Lopez Iglesias, 26 and David Obregon Castro, 25 of Toronto. They have both been arrested and charged with one count each of first-degree murder.


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Toronto Police issued a public safety alert after a knife-wielding stranger attacked two 15-year-old boys on a Scarborough street on Tuesday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............I can't believe that Canadians are so unconnected that they don't read this site or SDA. It has proven to me that all Canadians will suck at the government teat without complaint and will give their all to continue the destruction of freedom and Canada. The guy who said it first was correct. THERE IS NO CURE FOR STUPID.