01 May 2018

A Witch Too Far

When Jeremy Lam went after a teenage girl for wearing a "Chinese" prom dress, he didn't realise he was supergluing his online scrotum to the proverbial fiery social media stake...fakerprom dressrebuttalSnowflake Jeremy's unfortunate historical fondness for the "N" word also didn't help his "cultural appropriation" crusade.hypocritical racist**********

LAST WORD: Take it away, Doctor Peterson...culture bullying


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............we need a global purge.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says........... good thing I am not blind. The last captcha would have confused many people. A giant tractor trailer cab in the foreground and a couple of tiny stick like sails in the background is what was looked for. Are there really that many robots out there? Based on the b s I have been reading, a robot could beat this system much quicker than I.