13 February 2016

Who steps up...

... to replace Deputy Chief Peter Sloly? • Was Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders hearing hoofbeats over his shoulder? •

Don't worry, "Social Justice Warriors™"... I'm sure there's an appropriately visibly ethnic successor waiting in the wings at Toronto Police HQ to replace the (Jamaican born immigrant) Deputy Chief who ran afoul of his (English born immigrant son of Jamaican parents) Chief.

I am curious as to what sort of "golden handshake" the Deputy received as an inducement to dutifully fall on his own sword.

There is, I admit, a "disturbance in the force" but I'm sure the Jedi Diversity Elders, er... Toronto Police Commission and Chief Saunders has everything well in hand...

Following Sloly's resignation, Chief Saunders expressed his gratitude to the longtime officer for his years of service, making no mention of the recent controversy.

"He has had an impressive career dedicated to diversity in policing and community outreach," Saunders said.

"He leaves a legacy of progressive and forward-thinking projects, including the TPS’s role in social media and the Police and Community Engagement Review."
Shorter Chief Saunders... "So that's why I blew Deputy Slowly's career outta the water."

Thank goodness the Toronto Police Service did not have a male caucasian Police Chief at this particular juncture... otherwise the departure of the (arguably more qualified & articulate than his boss) Peter Slowly would have caused rioting in the streets.


Bill Elder said...

Another trump card is revealed in the SJW game of identity politics poker.

Internal victim group backstabbing is allowed if one of the parties disavows the sacred narrative and joins the side of reason. When a "disadvantaged group" individual proves that they are, in fact, fully advantaged, and are demonstrably capable and intellectually equal/superior to the stilted social justice priesthood in charge of redistributing "advantage", that "disadvantaged minority" heretic become "advantaged" and must be pilloried publically as a warning to other victim group affirmative action hires who may stray off the SJW advantage redistribution plantation.

Exposing the inept mediocrity of token affirmative action appointees is a worse PC crime than leaving the Lib-Left PC plantation (which this guy appears to be doing by criticizing official narratives sold through a token victim group official)

The social justice grand poobahs don't like no uppity servants who reject the master's sacred dogmas and policy decrees. Publically knocking the reduction of officers at a time of high ethnic gang crime was his undoing, particularly when this insane policy option was sold through a PC token administrator.

Neo Conservative said...

the police service has been on a relentless campaign to wipe the effects of white privilege from their ranks.

i recently saw a rather short, obese "asian" police officer sitting stakeout at an intersection with a no left turn provision. no matter that there was also a traffic cam at this location... i suspect officer roly-poly was atationed there in his unmarked van because he wouldn't have been much use in a foot chase or even comfortable in a regular police cruiser.

ps... funny how no one in the media has ever remarked upon the statistical over-representation of the jamaican community within the command structure of toronto pd. i thought we had to run all the numbers and correct these inequities at the promotion boards.

where's our 4.2% slice of chinese deputy police chiefs?


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