29 February 2016

Dear Dr Hildebrandt...

...this may be less of a problem than you think... as most of these "vulnerable boys" will, at some point, be able to avail themselves of government subsidised surgical breasts & vaginas...poor fragile dears

"Let’s first assume that lots of boys play with dolls, and that their entire childhood and subsequent adolescence and adulthood are colored by their experiences with dolls. If this is indeed the case, I submit that this phenomenon is localized in Manhattan, and perhaps in Southern California."
Relax, Dad... just keep buying little Freddie tap shoes, feather boas and glittery dresses until he's old enough to go under the knife.


Bill Elder said...

For the egalitarian-obsessed SJW, the crusade will never be done until the ultimate goal of equality is realised and we are all the same sex, same race, same religion and same political bent - like the gray aliens they see in sci-fi flix;

The SJW obsession for equality wants a clone society

With apologies to Alice Cooper:

We destroyed the government
We're destroying time
No more problems on the way

I'm through doctor
We don't need your kind
The other ones
Ugly ones
Stupid boys
Wrong ones

I'm all alone, so are we all
We're all clones
All are one and one are all
All are one and one are all

Neo Conservative said...

there's gotta be a reason women seem to want to seek out the bad boys... perhaps the increasing feminization of males figures into this phenomena.