01 February 2016

If you build it, they will come

Free rent & not-so-free drugs...

Welcome to Wakunda Place, a small rundown complex of 199 TCHC apartments and 46 maisonettes in the O’Connor and Victoria Park area.

Tenants say it’s overrun with crack dealers, plagued by loud noise, fighting, gun and other physical violence.

The complex is particularly bad at the end of the month when the disability and welfare cheques come in and the drug dealers swarm.
Wait a minute... what day was Saturday? Well, crap on a freakin' cracker...
Toronto Police homicide investigators are trying to figure out the circumstances of 31-year-old Sylvia Consuelo who was found dead in a Weston public housing apartment around 4:45 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police received a sudden death call from acquaintances who went to the unit to “socialize” with the woman.
I guess that's why it's called "social housing."


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A home in Toronto’s Lawrence Manor neighbourhood was targeted for the third time this year, this time sending a bullet into a three-year-old’s bedroom as the child slept. The tenant, a mother with three children, ages 3, 8 and 16, told CP24 that her home was also shot at on Jan. 6.

At the time, she said she contacted Toronto Community Housing to say that she felt her life was in danger, asking to move away.

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Police are investigating the second shooting in four days outside of a Toronto Community Housing building. Officers were called to a Toronto Community Housing building on Neptune Drive, near Bathurst Street and Highway 401, at approximately 2 a.m. on Tuesday.
Remember... your taxes pay for all this mayhem.


Bill Elder said...

I think council and the TCHC figure this way they but all the welfare basket cases in on basket - a central depository if you will.

I like the excuse that was given police as to why these "relatives" were found at the dead woman's apartment - says it all - it just seems so normal to do a booze and crack call on a friend at 4 AM - like doesn't everybody?

One more reason that GTA is fly-over country for normal people

Frances said...

Neo - how frequently do you go out to "socialize" with a woman at 4:45 am? Me neither. Obviously we belong to a different world.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances asks... how frequently do you go out to "socialize" with a woman at 4:45 am?


it's all there in the article. it's the end of the month and welfare and disability cheques had just arrived. time to par-tay.

btw bill, please note these were "acquaintances", not relatives... a small but significant detail.

face it folks, stereotypes come from somewhere. i've been to this place, a friend of mine hit the skids a while back and ended up in the complex... it's basically a canadian version of kabul without all the sand.

my only question is, when will prime minister care bear show up to console people and promise sweeping changes to the welfare system?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........stereotypes are always based on an observable reality.

Neo Conservative said...

there's a famous quote attributed to old time safecracker willie sutton, who was asked why he robbed so many banks.

somewhat perplexed, he replied... "because that's where the money is."