10 February 2016

Barack's BFF implicated in attempted coverup...

...of Laquan McDonald shooting...

CHICAGO — City of Chicago lawyers, after meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, demanded the Laquan McDonald family bury the video showing the killing of their son by a police officer.

Emanuel’s lawyers were offering $5 million in hush money to keep this hidden just weeks before the runoff election. And the biggest part of the deal—that McDonald family attorneys agreed to keep the video to themselves until criminal proceedings were concluded—just so happened to be inked the day after Emanuel was re-elected.
Will Barack Obama have anything to say about Rahm and the allegations? I'm hearing crickets.


FROM THE COMMENTS: The wheel is gaffed
The Dem party system has "superdelegates"....google it. Sanders and Clinton will get the same number of delegates...Hillary maybe MORE if you can believe it...it's the way the corruption flows with the US. DemocRATS

RELATED: Meanwhile, closer to home...

...the Toronto body count continues to climb...
One man is charged and a second suspect is on the loose after a deadly double stabbing outside a North York bar early Tuesday. Toronto Police say the violence unfolded outside Gucci’s Bar and Grill at 1693 Jane St., just north of Lawrence Ave. W., around 2 a.m.
And over in Toronto "Welfare Hell"...
Toronto Police have identified the men involved in a weekend murder at a troubled Toronto Community Housing building.

TCHC spokesman Lisa Murray confirmed both men were residents of Wakunda Place. She added many at the building have been plagued by issues such as drug addiction, alcoholism and mental illness.
Wakunda, Wakunda... that sounds so familiar.


Rich said...

No....the game is rigged evrywhere.

Just as one would think Bernie Sanders won the Dem vote in NH yesterday in a landslide and would get the most delegates.

Wrong....the Dem party system has "superdelegates"....google it.

Sanders and Clinton will get the same number of delegates...Hillary maybe MORE if you can believe it...it's the way the corruption flows with the US.

Neo Conservative said...

rich, that's the extent to which the game is rigged... post updated with your comment.


Rich said...

It's official Hillary lost by 22% to Sanders...she will get MORE DELEGATES THAN SANDERS, despite being thumped by him.


She has virtually ALL the super delegates across the country in her camp...so this phenomena may occur in every primary.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... Hillary lost by 22% to Sanders...she will get MORE DELEGATES THAN SANDERS"

once a thieving whore, always a thieving whore.


Rich said...

"once a thieving whore, always a thieving whore."

..............individually, collectively, and at every level of government on EVERY front with that party.

That said...they gave a caring home to Nancy Lugosi.....you remember her ....Bela's daughter.

Bill Elder said...

"Chicago’s corporation counsel"

Meh ward politics as usual in Chicago Inc. - Chicago ward politics the new adopted mode of the DNC.

Neo Conservative said...

are we really any better... north of the 49th, we elected canada's own version of paris hilton to the highest office in the land.


Rich said...

Just-In has not shown signs YET of being a corrupt sort...but I believe he well could. So far he is just acting like a blithering idiot, making promises that are firm and unchangeable ...until they are not of course.
In lib-Land you can promise anything , make it firm and unalterable but get away with any action in that regard , no matter how far off the mark, and incomplete because 'your heart is in the right place'.
He is exceptionally dangerous because he is vacuous and seems to believe that all the New World Order stuff is/was real....and probably is a supporter of one world governance and YES I personally believe it is true, not just probable.
Anything Green or having the word "environmentally" he gobbles up and the jargon seems to get elevated to fact in his head. He seems to confuse vague, feel-good, warm and fuzzy emotional appeals with logic and fact based decision making.
It is if he believes that his emotional reasoning must be shared by all...his emotions are the basis for decision making.
I'd bet money that if you did a thorough investigation of him, you'd find links to Soros.......the whelp's recent comments about Canada being the first "first postnational state" show that his moral compass will reflect that and he will be guided by what HE views as the greater good of the whole world.
Danger Will Robinson! That sort of unrestrained,delusional thinking paired with actual power is dangerous in the extreme. It would not be too great a step to go from "I know what is best" to "I will countenance no opposition as it is morally corrupt"...then off we go to the dungeons or worse.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm just waiting for justin to pull out his healing crystals.

he's the worst of both worlds... a featherweight intellectual and a true believer.


Bill Elder said...

Rich - I understand your concern over the Spawn's mumbling about Canada being a "post-national" state - He obviously doesn't believe in borders and sovereignty or the constitution which makes each province sovereign within right in a voluntary confederation without any contractual permanency. Took a vote of 50%+1 to get in and it takes the same to leave.

So if the west were to separate from this diseased Ottawa one-world welfare klepto Soon to be failed) state, to save what remains of Canada, never was there a better time to get the ball rolling.

I agree with you that Justin's self-absorbed naïveté combined with political power is a very very dangerous combo. At best it will divides far worse than his father's attempt to sovietise us under a chartered collectivist state.

Rich said...

I agree...very perceptive of you.

His vapid and specious pronouncements have all the substance of smoke.
Next time you hear him speak...count the number of sentences that involve emotion or the appeal to emotion...my hunch is you will be in the 80% -90% range.
Bloody frightening that.