12 February 2016

Hells Bells... who needs Judges?

Shorter Michele Mandel at Toronto Sun... If you wanna choke or sexually assault a bunch of women and dance away without being punished... stay away from the really smart, worldly ones who don't take an iota of unnecessary shit from incipient sociopaths.

"Ghomeshi left the courthouse with his head held high. For the first time since his trial began Feb. 1, Sun photographer Craig Robertson said the accused man looked directly into his lens."
Just imagine for a moment that Jian Ghomeshi had tried to choke his lawyer, Marie Henein. Seems to me there would have been blood, hair and teeth all over the place... and trust me, it most assuredly would not have been hers.

Would he have been guilty then, Michele? Or would you have wanted assault charges filed against Ms. Henein?

The sentence that says it all...
"These women’s allegations of sexual assaultas true as they may be — "
Apparently, though... Ghomeshi knows how to pick 'em.


Bill Elder said...

The Canadian legal system (not I never use "justice system" in referring to what takes place in Canuck court rooms)

The best justice money can buy - it's like a sxxt sandwitch, the more bread you have the less sxxt you have to eat - and they really don't care what the unwashed masses think about these public bouts of 2 tiered justice.

What kind of message was sent here to women in abusive relationships - that you better be a pristine virginal virtuous witness if turd who molests you is a proggy celeb.

Anonymous said...

The defense basically consists of saying these women were dishonest because they hid the fact they had contact with the guy after the fact. The defense basically proved for all to see why he got away with it for so long. You will not be believed if you come forward is 100% true.

Neo Conservative said...

strictly legally speaking there are two separate issues here...

one, did ghomeshi, as per three witnesses testimony, assault these women without prior consent. if so, he goes down. no ifs ands or buts.

two... did the witnesses obstruct justice or perjure themselves. if so, they go down as well. that unfortunately, revictimises them... but if you don't follow the rules, you gotta pay the piper... unless, of course, you're aboriginal and they stream you into the more lenient, rules don't apply native subsystem.

obviously, ghomeshi's lawyer is fine with door number two... while doing her damndest to set her sociopathic client free.

personally, after cosying up to a douche like the ghomer, i'd have a little trouble sleeping at night, but ms henein appears to have made her peace with it.

different strokes.


Rich said...

I get what is being said here but have a different slant.
In order to have GH convicted he has to be proven to have committed the crimes.
The only witnesses who can provide the proof are the women.
If they are less than forthcoming with the police and the prosecutor about ANY ASPECT of the contact with GH or each other...before or after the act-OR- have contact with each other while the case is before the court then their credibility about ANYTHING is toast...not my interpretation, it's reality. The judge will be deciding if the ONLY WITNESSES are credible. I say their actions likely make them far less than credible and that's all the judge has to go on basically. Doesn't matter one bit about what others in the entertainment industry have been saying...as a matter of fact the judge must not take any of that in to account.
So rather than this case being framed as him getting away with the crime, it is the lack of reliable testimony (IMHO) and possibly a poor job done by the police/ prosecutor which, I suspect, the judge will say "prevent him " from determining guilt beyond a reasonable doubt....ie:- not a solid case by the prosecution for WHATEVER reason because of lack of FULLY credible testimony

A case proven beyond reasonable doubt is necessary...if not...one only has to look at the Steven Truscott case and that of Guy Paul Morin where the press seemed to be convinced they were guilty...open and shut cases....and look at the tragic consequences.
This case is all about there not being fully credible witnesses who, some say, lied to the court....and that's all she wrote if true. Not enough fully credible info for whatever reason.
Okay...have at my reasoning.

Neo Conservative said...

see... it matters to me that, if ghomeshi did this stuff, he goes to jail.

sure, these women messed up their testimony, mostly by omission, but the similar fact evidence is that he assaulted them without prior "bdsm" consent.

there are two dozen women who came to police with this story. on the balance of probability, is it more likely that ghomer assaulted them all in a similar fashion, or that these women somehow had a vulcan mindmeld and decided to frame the most well known name in canadian media culture.

and, even if the judge isn't supposed to consider it... the fact is ghomeshi has been pulling this shit for the last three decades.

face it, rich... by any objective standard, he's a predator. if the women obstructed justice by selectively presenting testimony... and i'll stipulate they did, there's penalties for that too.


Anonymous said...

As a woman I hope two of the witnesses at least are charged. They are screwing it up big time for anyone who has a future complaint. Ghomeshi will now attract the kind of woman who writes to murderers in jail. Smart lawyer but still the stupid modern woman who wears shoes that ruin her feet.

Rich said...

I want to see him nailed too if he did this stuff, but you and I believing it, and others saying he has been doing this for years unfortunately means nothing...in the courts is all that matters. So let's get the others who this happened to in the past testifying after far better police investigations and have a real kick at this cat. That is the only way forward if this case tanks.
My prediction about this particular case...not what I want...is that this case is toast.
It's like election night results coming in...I predicted early on that the libs would win...I sure as hell didn't want it. It sucks,.... I know.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Smart lawyer but still the stupid modern woman who wears shoes that ruin her feet."

even michele mandel, who apparently would date ghomeshi, were he to get off, knows that he is guilty...

"These women’s allegations of sexual assault — as true as they may be — "

i think the biggest mistake ghomeshi made was to ask for trial by judge only. with a jury, they'd only have to turn one head and given what i'm reading in the media... that's a given.

the fact the judge is taking six weeks to decide is acknowledging the complicated nature of the case. i predict ghomeshi found guilty of assault and also, very possibly, obstruction of justice charges for the witnesses.

rich, i get what you're saying, but letting ghomer off scot-free would only serve to bring justice into disrepute and discourage women from testifying against very bad men. given that only 8 out of every thousand sexual assault complaints (hope i quoted right number) result in a conviction, i don't think this judge will acquit lightly.


Rich said...

Neo, good points.

I suspect that the 2 predictions you and I have outlined are equally likely to occur primarily depending on how the after-the-fact testimony is viewed by the judge.
Interesting...I'd like to see the views of other readers.
C'mon folks , chip in...what is your guess as to what the judge's decision
will be.

Anonymous said...

"...letting ghomer off scot-free would only serve to bring justice into disrepute..."

It most definitely has been with this "trial". I'd be questioning the efforts of the Crown over this, specifically the trial lawyer(s). They did not do their jobs here, at all. Inept would be an appropriate word to use. Police, too. As I understand it, they have to convince the Crown to press charges & bring it to trial. If there is any question as to a likely hood of conviction, it sure seems like that wasn't investigated thoroughly enough by the police or Crown lawyers. Henein made a mockery of their "efforts" and effortlessly, too.

Anonymous said...

GH will be guilty of assault & the the ladies could end up with a malicious prosecution charge, or perjury. After that, I suppose the case moves to civil suits & Marie gets a couple of new pairs of shoes.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... GH will be guilty of assault & the the ladies could end up with a malicious prosecution charge, or perjury."

if henein & ghomeshi had opted for trial by jury, ghomer'd already be out and cruising the distillery district for his next gullible "punching bag."

the judge, otoh, has to carefully consider the purely technical aspects of the testimony and all legal precedents. he will not be swayed by marie henein's faux outrage & other theatrical flourishes.

personally, i think "trial by judge" is gonna bite little jian on his celebrity patootie.