22 February 2016

Startling new evidence...

...that prolonged exposure to rap can cut your IQ in half...room temperature iq

"Hate it or love it, 50 Cent is going to have to explain all those Benjamins. In case anyone still doubted his financial woes, the rapper also posted a photo of the word 'BROKE' spelled out in 100 dollar bills."
And poor "Fiddy" is not the only suffering artiste...deluded
One crowdfunding campaign has actually taken off, with 89 people raising a total of $588 by Wednesday morning. That gets West 0.001109433% of the way there.

“We must open our hearts and wallets for Kanye today,” wrote page creator Jeremy Piatt.
Must we? Hey, if you millennial asshats can put a snowboard instructor in charge of a whole country, I guess anything is possible.
"Instead of reflecting on the enormity of what lay ahead, he was sitting in on a hush-hush photo shoot and interview with the American glamour magazine Vogue..."
Time to go inventory the MREs and the ammo... later, alligator.


Bill Elder said...

Seriously, every time I watch Mike Judd's "idiocracy" it seems more and more like a documentary.

bill elder said...

Sez it all


jwkozak91 said...

"Millennial asshat" who has always voted provincially and federally for small-c conservative parties since 2000, please raise your hand.

Anonymous said...

old white guys says.........to think that people actually criticize me for saying that they are terminally stupid.

UCSPanther said...

I looked at Kanye West's clothing line. The best way to describe it is "overpriced trash". I cannot help but wonder what that arrogant has-been rapper was thinking when he thought that an overpriced line of two-bit clothing was a good business move.

One of the items in that line that I found especially absurd was a "Distressed sweater", one that looks like it was eaten at by rats and moths. Yours' for three thousand dollars...

Neo Conservative said...

"eaten at by rats and moths"

an apt description of rap music... except from the southern end of the rat.