22 February 2016

Instead of constantly making firearms...

...more & more super-duper, double illegal... let's hand out free chest tubes & trauma kits to everyone who wants them...it's the law

The Alberta government announced last week that it is addressing fentanyl’s “devastating impact” by making naloxone – a first-aid drug that reverses the symptoms of an opioid overdose – available free of charge to Albertans.
If it's good enough for the self-created, self-inflicted Junkie-Canadian "community"... it's good enough for me... OR, what say we bring back hanging for the "merchants of death" who are dealing this shit.

Just a thought.


FROM THE GLOBE COMMENTS:1 800 crybabyWhy are we staffing all these walk-in/get your methadone clinics with medical professionals... while any citizen who can't get a family doctor has to sit in the emergency room for 7 hours to get hurried/no follow-up treatment?


Bill Elder said...

When you see the political protection this gets, you realize that the junkie welfare industry is large and an integral part of the big med-big pharma rackets that gorge themselves from the public health teat.

I know a family taking care of their daughters child who was born with an addiction - it's hart wrenching to see this child after she comes from that "clinic" in a semi zombie state. I don't understand why they keep giving that shit to her rather than clean it out of her.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says........ a couple of years in prison without access to any drugs is a good way to help those with a serious drug addiction, you know, those on the street who steal for their drugs.

Neo Conservative said...

junkies, by & large have institutional personalities that can't function outside of strictly supervised venues like prison.

leave them on their own and they devolve into human wreckage.

is there a solution? you got me.