19 February 2016

I'll see your benevolent Creator...

...and raise you a capricious, bloodthirsty Trickster...the real world


Anonymous said...

what can one say.......old white guy.

Bill Elder said...

Heh, guy was so kidnapped by the "culture of safety" mysticism he probably slept in light reflective Hi-Viz jammies with safety toe booties.

Is this a failure of the church of safety to consider incalculable risk or just an obsessive compulsive Felix Unger type getting terminal lesson in the reality of fate and probabilities - in process science we call this opportunity for error and it is always present no matter how you attempt to minimize probability. M

Mathematically the only thing you can count on is that it is impossible to calculate exactly how long you will exist on this plane of existence. You play live the safety/healthy lifestyle game to the hilt but table odds still say a bad driver can nullify that risk minimization program in a millisecond.

You have to wonder what power of fate was offended by this risk-obsessing dude

Neo Conservative said...

no guarantees in this life... "the big jump" gets us all in the end. it makes me think about people like the late dean potter, who lived his whole life on the edge, first as a rock climber (often working without ropes or other safety gear) and who died in a wing suit misadventure.

is life about quantity or quality?

the supreme irony here is that this guy's life was built on a compulsive need to "be safe" and he ends up getting smoked in an industrial accident.