07 February 2016

I guess if your husband had taken...

...9 flights on "Lolita One"... you'd feel the need for a hobby too...

A coin flip is how possessions are decided in football games. And football games, despite the amount of money bet on them, are not serious.

Selecting the candidates for president of the United States is, we’re told, important.
"If you’re still spending the Friday after the caucuses trying to convince people you won, you know it was a loss."
She's in a virtual tie with the guy who wants to shut down the banking system. Think about that.


Bill Elder said...

Pretty sad state of affairs in Dem leadership politics - the anointed party fave is a degenerate criminal and liar in a contractual obligation with her husband to keep her mouth shut about his serial rapes in return for access to the DNC power tunnel

The other choice - the people's choice if you will, is a 60- something communist ner' do well - a perennial campus Marxist suffering from arrested intellectual development and a failed American who never held a job that could support him until he hit the govt. payroll in congress.

Quite the field of candidates there, John and Bobby Kennedy would have arrested them both and jailed them as criminals and subversives.

Neo Conservative said...

hillary has enough of a war chest that she can buy the democratic political machine.

short of being indicted for leaking classified info... she is their candidate.

hey, canada elected a pot-smoking trust fund baby whose most impressive accomplishment was snowboarding instructor and part time drama teacher.