10 February 2016

Meet "The Fixer"

the fixer

“We represent people who have committed heinous acts — acts of violence, acts of depravity, acts of cruelty,” she quipped. “Or as Jian Ghomeshi likes to call it, foreplay.”
Ms Marie Henein, Jian Ghomeshi's own defense lawyer, speaking at the Ontario Criminal Lawyers’ Association Gala.

So, who exactly is this human buzzsaw?
At 50, she looks a decade younger, a vision in black chic perched on $1,500 leopard-patterned Louis Vuitton pumps. They turn out to be just one pair from a collection so notorious that Ontario’s former chief justice Warren Winkler once ribbed her, “So are you going to buy a car or a new pair of shoes?”
As one might expect, she's no shrinking violet...
“The whole point,” says Henein’s former associate Margaret Bojanowska, “is to annihilate the witness, really.”
And she doesn't trouble herself over what anyone else might think...
“I am not conflicted about being a strong feminist and what I do in court,” Henein bristles. “I just don’t feel a need to justify what I do or explain myself.”
Here's a thought. Officer James Forcillo was convicted of attempted murder because he shot and killed an unstable, drug-fueled man brandishing a knife.

Former Liberal Attorney General Michael Bryant got off scot-free after killing an unarmed bicyclist with a car.

Maybe Forcillo just didn't have the right lawyer.


UPDATE: Ghomeshi livestream - Wednesday February 10


Bill Elder said...

I can understand a defense attorney feeling that every scumbag deserves a defense but the drive to win at all costs and free an guilty buttwipe is quite different - and to do it by destroying a victim - how is this justified as "feminism"? Morally it makes the lawyer as guilty as the crook they defend.

I hope Karma catches up to her and Bryant.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... and to do it by destroying a victim - how is this justified as 'feminism'?"

well, that quote at the top of the post by marie henein speaks to the matter directly, does it not? she's actually acknowledging, that ghomeshi is an abuser.

ghomeshi, much like oj simpson, made a big fuss about protesting his innocence... but jian didn't even have the courage to take the stand and give his side of the story.


dmorris said...

According to Dr.Robert Hare,one of the leading authorities on psychopaths, the law profession is particularly attractive to them. This woman epitomizes the type.
Apparently now she is not going to have Ghomeshi testify. The reason a defence lawyer does not have her client testify is because he/she knows it will reflect badly on her client.

It's too bad we couldn't turn Forcillo loose on this woman,the result would make the world a better place.

Neo Conservative said...

here in canada we have a two tiered justice system... if you can afford to pay marie heinen a half million dollars, she can subvert the course of allegedly blind justice.

just ask former liberal attorney michael bryant, the man who killed an unarmed bicyclist with his car... and walked.


Anonymous said...

"if you can afford to pay marie heinen a half million dollars, she can subvert the course of allegedly blind justice."

I have to think large donations to parties who value hereditary choices in leadership probably help. That and being employed by Prav-I mean, CBC...

Neo Conservative said...

correction above... that should be "former liberal attorney-general michael bryant."