29 February 2016

If you watch the Oscars... you're a moron

Millionaire dilettantes throw their annual mass beatification, bookended by a month long wave of dionysian self-celebration... while condescending to let you watch how fabulous they are... from the servants quarters...celebutardsSeriously. No excuse. Morons.

This isn't entertainment, it's a sort of self-inflicted ECT. Is that what you want for your kids?

P.S. - You think this only applies to Tinsel Town? Two words, fanfolk... Justin... Trudeau.



"Feelings.. nothing more than feelings."

"Plenty of gun control on Breaking Bad."

"It's all about them feeling good about themselves, not actually fixing problems. I'm surprised they all didn't receive a trophy just for attending the Oscars."
And finally...
"They should award an Oscar for hypocrisy."
Wait for it...
"All Oscars are for hypocrisy."

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...has become an actual industry... but what happens when things go off-script?
After jetting around like a king to private islands in private helicopters, “you go off the show and back to your job at Target or bartending, and all of a sudden you’re depressed,” he says. “It’s just inevitable.”
Here's an indisputable fact... Hollywood has killed way more people than my guns.


Bill Elder said...

I guess the magic pixie dust they use to in never-never land has thrust a lot of these morons permanently into the world of make-believe - like thinking these magic bracelets will stop a bullet - or crime for that matter - and they are so comfortable with guns for protection as long as they can afford to pay someone for their personal defense.

We need a list of these butt-wipes so we can mock their strutting delusional hypocrisy .

Like that POS Cranston who makes his fortune portraying the criminal misuse of firearms but denies the real world victims defense against the criminal culture he celebrates for a living.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... thinking these magic bracelets will stop a bullet"

this bracelet nonsense is just more "virtue signalling" by wealthy, narcissistic poseurs who live in gated enclaves or million dollar urban apartments with built-in safe rooms and 24 hour guards/ doormen.

justin and hussein obama want to disarm farmers, hunters and sport shooters... but they don't go anywhere without a phalanx of pistol toting career bodyguards.


Martin said...

Does anyone seriously watch these shows anymore? CBC devotes a lot of time to coverage, one good reason to give it a miss.

Neo Conservative said...

martin asks... Does anyone seriously watch these shows anymore?"

sure... the selfie generation & unhappy housewives (call it the justin demographic) eats this shit up.