23 September 2015

When that first nail bomb explodes...

...on the subway platform at Yonge & Bloor, remember which federal party leaders were in favour of unrestricted mass immigration of demonstrably false "refugees"...a flood of criminalsHint: it's the same two guys who lobbied for the return of Omar Khadr.

"The refugees report that a forged Syrian passport can be bought on the Turkish border for as little as $200. A reporter for the Daily Mail bought a Syrian passport, ID card and driving license for $2,000 in Turkey under the name of a real man who was killed in the conflict."
You think I'm an alarmist?

Where were you 14 years ago this month?


RELATED: Europe will be Eurabia
"It’s hardly surprising that the vacuum left by Europeans in fecundity as well as in religiosity was filled by the Muslim immigrants within four to five decades. In another 50 years, mosques may outnumber churches in what by then will be Eurabia — and, more importantly, believers may outnumber unbelievers."
Will North America follow the same path?