16 September 2015

What refugee crisis?

"Religion of, well... Not In My Backyard."

If their neighbours, who have commonality of language, religion & social cusoms, aren't extending a helping hand... shouldn't that raise a few red flags?


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L said...

Definitely, the red flags are flying and flapping wildly!

70% of the so-called refugees swarming Europe are young males. Saudi Arabia has a huge group of non-citizen temporary foreign workers (low-wage) in their country. They could easily accommodate and find employment for Syrian refugees. But, apparently, they do not like these types of Muslims, especially not the Kurds, nor the ISIL folks, who would really like to take over Mecca. Perhaps we should be fore-warned.

As well, the Syrians know that they would also not have any generous start-up benefits in any Muslim neighbouring country, like dental care and welfare. There will be many Malmo, Sweden issues if any western country agrees to invite high numbers of unscreened "refugees", many of whom are probably economic migrants like the Kurdi family, who were safe in Turkey for 3 years.

As well, screening will be difficult, as lying to the infidels is permitted. What is the EU thinking? What are Trudeau and Mulcair thinking? Even PM Harper, setting a goal of 10,000, seems to not be a good idea. Most of these refugees will not be able to settle comfortably in Toronto or Vancouver (often, preferred locations), do not speak English or French and many will be initially unemployable. We can not afford this level of help, as we have no slush funds in any federal, provincial and municipal budgets. As well, we do not want a 7th Century forced upon us, as is already underway by stealth and advocacy.

The fact is that ISIL theocracy is antithical to our culture. There are many refugees world-wide, and we can not take them all, so we should very carefully choose whom to help.

Neo Conservative said...

the libs, dippers and media have turned this into an election issue.

harper seems to be playing softball on this one because the numbers are so close. my guess is if he took a harder line here he would see big gains. anyone i talk to does not support a massive influx of unemployable non-english speaking refugees.

what they tell pollsters can be very different from how they vote.