17 September 2015

I don't know how she missed...

...the roundup, barcoding and forced exile of homo & transsexual individuals to that gulag on Baffin Island...

In the October issue of Harper's Magazine Heather Mallick​ ​examines the career of Stephen Harper, who some have called, “a replicant of the Blade Runner variety.” The evidence is certainly convincing: “he speaks in a monotone, he’s impossibly rigid, and he seems unable to understand the emotions of others.”

Since he took office in 2006, Mallick writes, Harper has imported some of the worst American policy ideas—slashing the federal budget, introducing mandatory prison sentences, attacking climate scientists, expanding the war on drugs—in an attempt to turn Canada into “a nastier version of Texas.”

If he wins reelection on October 19, Mallick concludes, “Americans might want to consider a wall.”
I'm not even sure how that makes sense as one of Mallicks accusations is that, "Harper has imported some of the worst American policy ideas..."

Mallick's crowning journalistic flourish is asking if Stephen Harper's hair is "damp to the touch." She stops just shy of calling him "a silly poopyhead."

In this one article, Miz Mallick sums up all the vitriol & hysteria of the lunatic left. Here is "Harper Derangement Syndrome" at its finest.

Yet another drive-by hit-piece by your professional and intellectual superiors.


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LAST WORD: I wonder if Justin's good with...

...female genital mutilation, too?
OTTAWA, CANADA: A Canadian Liberal government would allow new citizens to wear a veil at citizenship ceremonies, its leader said Friday, bucking popular opinion just a month away from elections.
I remember how he lobbied to bring Omar Khadr home.

Just something else to remember on October 19th.


Guffman said...

Hate to descend to the ad hominem BUT... as she has proven time and again (and here), Mallick's an idiot.

tmodem said...

Please let me write my version of Trudeau as the T3. Molten metal, able to morph into whatever character suits his fancy. Sincere but ultimately deadly!

Anonymous said...

The cheap shot Justin Trudeau hate ads are Conservtive intellectualism at its best? You guys hate Trudeau, call him names and take every silly cheap shot. And then you bellyache about Harper derangement syndrome. You partisan idiots are brain dead.

jwkozak91 said...

During the 2011 federal election campaign, Heather Mallick vowed that if Stephen Harper won a majority, she would fling herself off the CN Tower.

If Canada was a "nastier version of Texas", the feds would be executing murderers found innocent by DNA evidence.

No credibility.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... call him names and take every silly cheap shot "

you mean like "You partisan idiots are brain dead?"

you have a point, though. here's what the debate should be like...

"The Prime Minister has a masters degree in economics and despite a worldwide financial downturn, Canada has the best performing economy of any G8 country."


"Im going to grow the economy from the heart outwards" - J. Trudeau, summer 2015.

so sorry, nonny... despite his best efforts, justin remains the paris hilton of canadian politics. daddy's name & mummy's brains just aren't enough.