23 September 2015

Upscale restaurant, downtown Toronto...

...obviously, I blame Mike Harris.

Not your typical Jane & Finch "spray & pray"... in editorial suites across Toronto, you can hear the hopeful whispers... "don't be black, don't be black"...


"Detailed information on potential suspects has not yet been released but investigators say they are working on releasing surveillance camera images captured from inside the restaurant."
Toronto Red Star:
"Two masked men..."
The Mother Corpse:
"Two men opened fire inside the restaurant, then fled on foot."
Of course, there's always one pesky fly in the multicultural ointment...

Toronto Sun:
Det. Paul Ward, who said the restaurant was “packed” at the time of the shooting, has heard from witnesses that the assailants were “black” or “brown.”
While farmers, hunters and target shooters across the GTA let out a collective sigh of relief, I suspect that Detective Ward, after he completes a couple of weeks of mandatory "cultural sensitivity training" is likely looking at extended reassignment to crossing guard duties in the furthest reaches of Etobicoke.

Don't mess with the dream, Paul.


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The number of shootings in Toronto has spiked compared to last year, and is up 77% from 2014.

The stats were released by Toronto Police and show there have been 286 victims of gun violence in this city as of September 21st.

That's a rise from the 162 people shot during the same time period last year.
Oh, the huge manatee.


Neo Conservative said...

remember when you were in high school and kids were getting shot & stabbed every day?

yeah... me neither.

"Toronto police say a teen has been rushed to hospital after a stabbing at a North York high school."

"The incident occurred shortly after 11:30 a.m. inside George S. Henry Academy, located in the area
of Don Mills and York Mills Road."