09 September 2015

It worked for Teddy Kennedy...

...and cigar-wielding Slick Willy...more liesShe's been denying culpability for six months. Hillary yet again insists on national TV she did nothing wrong... THEN offers up regrets in the same breath.

You've got to love the timing on this not quite an apology...

"Clinton Senate Leadership PAC staffer Brian Pagliano must respond to the request by Thursday September 10. Will he remain loyal to Clinton? Or cooperate in exchange for immunity?"
Will she get away with it?


jwkozak91 said...

Fleetwood Mac is still the soundtrack of the "Tudors of the Ozarks". It's just shifted (recently?) from "(Don't Stop) Thinking About Tomorrow" to "(Sweet) Little Lies".

Neo Conservative said...

update: clinton's tech guy (who set up the email server) has just confirmed he won't testify unless he is offered immunity from prosecution.

nothing to hide, right hillary?