19 September 2015

I'm a little surprised Obama couldn't find...

...a black wheelchair-bound transsexual who had recently converted to Islam.

This man seems to be eminently qualified for the job. Too bad the mindless media narrative will be forever focussed on what he does with his penis.


Dollops said...

Sorry, but I can't help wondering if this wasn't more an affirmative action appointment than a right-man-for-the-job move. Democrats and lick-spittle media (and now upper levels in all government agencies including the police and military) are not above embellishing the qualifications of one of their pets. Any qualified person should get promoted on merit alone, and there is absolutely no need to fly this guy's rainbow flag. It is obvious that where he deploys his weapon is The Story – not that a new secretary has been appointed, because it wouldn't even have made headlines if the appointee were a straight white male.

Neo Conservative said...

the day the media stops talking about people's genitals in stories like this is the day that actual inequality will have been vanquished.

i suspect justin trudeau now regrets sitting down with kathleen wynne & convicted child pornographer ben levin for a photo op at the toronto pride parade.