09 September 2015

Journalism 101

Let's just call it "enhancing the coverage"...

pants on fire

In videos and images posted online by multiple videographers and photojournalists, Laszlo can be seen making sideways karate-style kicks into the knees of two people • a young man and a pony-tailed teenage girl • as they ran past her. Both stumbled but neither fell as Laszlo continued filming.
It gets better...
She also was seen filming a running man carrying a young boy in his arms — then sticking out her leg to trip him as he passed. The man and boy tumbled to the ground, the man falling on top of the child. The boy can be seen crying in apparent pain as the man leaps up to curse at the camerawoman, who continues to film him.
You think this sort of willful manipulation doesn't happen here?

Wake up and smell the propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Hi, for the sake of a letter to the editor in my local paper, do you have a link to this? Sincerely, Jeff

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, jeff... you just click on the picture... i thought people knew to do this.

perhaps i should go back to labeling pix with a ?


Anonymous said...

What is the point of the post, though ?

Pissedoff said...

Was this faked after all?


Neo Conservative said...

"nonny scratches his head & asks... What is the point of the post, though?"

nonny, you are exactly the audience that 'big media' is counting on. it's how intellectual featherweights like justin even get on the ballot.

read slower... maybe you can figure it out.