09 September 2015

Well, he should know...

multi-millionaire trudeau

“A large percentage of small businesses are actually just ways for wealthier Canadians to save on their taxes,” he said. “We want to reward the people who are actually creating jobs, and contributing in concrete ways. So there’s a little tweaking to do around that.”
Was it some other Justin Trudeau who leveraged his position as an MP to gouge huge speaking fees from Canadian charities?
Trudeau himself was involved in at least three small business that were federally incorporated, one of which he used to receive income for paid speaking events he did between 2006 and 2011.
Another hypocritical stance from Mr "Do as I say, not as I do."


UPDATE: We are not wealthy scammers
"The Canadian Federation of Independent Business says their data show almost half of Canadian incorporated employers earn less than $50,000 a year."
Isn't that about what Justin was charging charities for a couple of his speeches?


LAST WORD: So much for public service
"A large chunk of Trudeau’s $277,000 speaking earnings came from publicly-funded institutions, including charities and school boards."
He's a millionaire from an inheritence from his father, he collects an MP salary & perks and he still has the nerve to double-dip via public institutions.

Who's the wealthy scammer here?


Pissedoff said...

Just like his dad


Anonymous said...

sorry I don't do google

Neo Conservative said...

this is not unlike saint jack layton saying we should crack down on underage prostitution.