18 November 2014

Unhang 'Em High?

Two female NDP MPs who allege improper conduct by a duo of male Liberal MPs will not be formally laying a complaint to launch an investigation, says a senior New Democrat.

The decision could leave Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau with a political dilemma: Without an investigation, does he allow his two MPs back into caucus after suspending their membership because of the allegations?
Hey Justin... just ask yourself, "What would the PRC Politburo do?"

Oh, that's right... you already did.
OTTAWA - The House of Commons committee that was to create a sexual harassment policy to govern MPs has decided it doesn't have the mandate for it.

Following question period, a clearly agitated Trudeau told reporters that he was unable to take any action before hearing back from Scheer.

That leaves little chance of an investigation, and the fates of Andrews and Pacetti still unclear.
Unclear... apart from Justin having pronounced judgement and tossed them out of caucus, that is.


COMPARE & CONTRAST: No unicorns...

...no magic fairy dust...
Both Harper and Putin were in Australia over the weekend for the G20 Summit. Our guy laid quite the smackdown to Vlad, one he’s not used to getting.

The prime minister’s spokesman Jason MacDonald confirmed Harper told the Russian leader: "I guess I’ll shake your hand but I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine."

Unequivocal. Clear. Direct. That’s how it’s done.
Note that Mr Putin, legendary for staying up all night and schmoozing, left the function early that night.


joseph fisher said...

Leisuresuit Larry makes the first reaction that pops in his head because he only percieves that the issue only effects him and him alone. Muth maintain the weputation of the crwown prwince.

Anonymous said...

Justine picks up a steaming turd, takes steady aim, slams steaming turd into his face, Media cheer, Justine gives victory speech, Media cheer again.

Anonymous said...

a complaint without substance is rumour. rumours are not actionable in a court of law.

Neo Conservative said...

justin is the catholic who won't sign a liberal candidate's nomination papers unless he promises to vote for abortion.

he's the liberal who professes admiration for china's dictatorship.

he's the social progressive who convicts people without a trial.

and the lefties love him.


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4:21 am,
November 19, 2014

"a liberal is someone who thinks they can pick one up by the clean end."

Read it off a comment once, not long ago. Laughed for a good while.
Modern liberals do have a way about themselves.

Neo Conservative said...

to quote nick frost from the movie hot fuzz... pspawn has become "judge judy & executioner".

justin guns down two of his own people without evidence or due process. imagine what he does to anyone not on his team.