17 November 2014

Meanwhile, back at Al Capone's Vault

No matter that there are no actual reported missing boys nor a single scrap of physical evidence that points to a crime or a location.

Hells bells, it's got CBC written all over it... sexual abuse, incest, recovered memories of multiple murders and an old racist white guy. Hey, they've even got a sacred fire.

Not too shabby for an outfit that can't seem to ever offer up a description of a shooter unless they're wearing a badge.

A dozen people gathered at the farm for a feast and ceremony — offering peace to the spirits of the boys and thanks to Breckenridge for carrying their story.
Yup... no physical remains, but apparently the force is with them.
“We saw a hawk come over the gathering and to us, we take that as affirmation that spiritual work we were doing was being acknowledged,” said Becky Big Canoe, a member of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation and one of the organizers of the event.

An investigation by CBC, using state-of-the-art equipment, showed there may in fact be three bodies buried beneath the foundation of the barn, exactly where Breckenridge remembered them to be.
Whoa, it's nothing but state of the art gadgets at CSI Pefferlaw. At least we know what the CBC is doing with the billion plus taxpayer dollars they suck out of our pockets every year.

Oh... wait...
Police have found nothing after digging up a barn northeast of Toronto to determine whether three boys were murdered and buried there decades ago.
Oh... no bodies you say? That's okay... CBC did their in-depth investigation, that's what counts.


Anonymous said...

'Becky Big Canoe'?

Sweet Jesus, there is a God of comedy!

Neo Conservative said...

again... there were no bodies found in the very specific place this woman claimed they were buried.

there is no physical evidence (including any matching reports of missing children) that the three allegedly murdered boys ever existed.

it still didn't stop the cbc and their aboriginal cohort from having an in-depth investigation and then a memorial service... for the non-existent victims.

i'm not gonna hold my breath for the cbc to announce that they went head over heels for a fairy tale that backs up their natives as eternal victims narrative.

is this what they call journalism? shame on them. i'm surprised they didn't somehow attempt to blame the murders on the conservative government.

maybe it's supposed to distract viewers from the gomeshi debacle.