18 November 2014

Ask a Palestinian President

Three Israeli-U.S. dual citizens and several others were killed or wounded in a terrorist attack at a Jerusalem synagogue Tuesday morning.

Police said the assailants shot at people as they prayed, while also using meat cleavers and axes to assault those attending the morning service.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, but blamed Israeli “provocations.”
Think it couldn't happen here? Ask Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, or Corporal Nathan Cirillo.

Oh, that's right... you can't.


UPDATE: In other Religion of Peace news
In the last few weeks, Israeli Arabs have killed six of their Jewish neighbours, including a three-month-old baby, in a spate of knife and car-ramming attacks.

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...making Mahmoud Abbas look like Mother Theresa.
(via SDA)


Anonymous said...

Terrorism won't happen in Canada on Harper's watch. He talks tough. You imply it will happen here. Take your liberal crap some where's else.

Anonymous said...

Of course those Jews, soldiers, christians, soldiers, infidels were just "askin for it"
Where oh where do these progressive enablers think the hoard of lunatics will be heading next?
They got as far as the Gates of Vienna last time.

Neo Conservative said...

nonny whines "Terrorism won't happen in Canada on Harper's watch."

only a complete imbecile would believe that you can stop a terrorist who is prepared to sacrifice his own life. how do you stop someone who believes his god has sent him on a vital mission?

even israel, a country that has decades of expertise in fighting these madmen, regularly experiences events like we have recently experienced.

the difference here is, stephen harper will take measures to combat them... while justin al-trudeau would bend over and grab his ankles... and expect all of us to do the same.

wait until that first suicide bomber detonates a nail bomb on the yonge-bloor subway. then tell yourself we need more dialogue.