06 November 2014

Lessons not learned

In a city of two and a half million people, the odds are pretty good you're not gonna get snuffed on any given day. So what are the chances one family hits the trifecta?

non kevlar kidsCall me provincial, but in my five plus decades on this planet, I don't even know one person who has been murdered.

As for the fatalistic takeaway about "invincibility"... that these murders were somehow inevitable, out of anyone's hands, that no-one could have done anything to prevent even one of them... that is, at minimum, willful ignorance.

You ever notice, if the shooter isn't a cop... it's a whole different narrative? No screaming accusations. No arson. No looting. Just business as usual.

Oh yeah, one small correction here. She didn't lose three kids to "GUNS"... she lost three kids to homicidal thugs who thrive in a subculture of predation, misogyny and arrogant lawlessness.


UPDATE: Meanwhile, back in Ferguson, MO...

Looters are demanding a cop-free zone...

"After the verdict, no matter what it is, people are going to pour into the street - either in celebration or in rage," said Montague Simmons, chairman of the Organization for Black Struggle. "It's in the best interest of the public, the police and elected officials who control the actions of the police to work together to protect the rights of people to engage in civil disobedience and expression of their First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly."
What about controlling the actions of the rioters? Hey Montague, here's a thought... how about you and the other "strugglers" not "pour into the streets" at all. That might avoid a little fuss.

It's not like you're looking for a fight... right?