01 November 2014

Strike three for Obama & Holder

The trouble with playing the race card is that it's usually more emotional than evidentiary... from Skip Gates to Trayvon to "gentle giant" Michael Brown, the Whitehouse has been consistently misreading the table...
As the official autopsy report obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch demonstrates, Brown was shot in the hand at close range—with gunpowder residue in the wound. Both findings seem to buttress Wilson’s contention that there was a struggle over the officer’s pistol.

Additionally, a forensic pathologist interviewed by the paper noted that “the autopsy did not support witnesses who have claimed Brown was shot while running away from Wilson, or with his hands up.”
When the grand jury comes back "no-bill" on Officer Darren Wilson, the smart money anticipates it will result in yet another round of burning and looting and personal violence.

All the verifiable evidence will take a weak second place to the media-inspired fairy story that an innocent man was murdered by a racist police officer.

We are all to blame here because we tolerate this injustice. Not the perceived injustice of CNN and their media brethren... but the rigged table that refuses to accept the politically incorrect truth about the perjured witness testimony that framed an innocent police officer in such a terrible light.

The real monsters here are the race-hustlers who stirred up the violence after Michael Brown died... and who will no doubt, do it again when Officer Wilson is officially cleared. Their accomplices are the weak-minded "professional" journalists who bend with the mob instead of pursuing the facts.