27 November 2014

Conscience and fortitude

What happens to "The Community" when there are no more Church ladies?



Stop embarrassing yourselves.

What happened in Ferguson was not a "protest." A protest is a lawful assembly of citizens who wish to raise public awareness. Looting and burning, shooting at First Responders and carjacking and robbing (two news crews at last count, btw) are acts of criminal mayhem.

Let's lose the "gentle giant" malarkey. Michael Brown (at 6'5" and 300lbs) was in the 99th percentile for size and strength. He was used to getting his way. Fifteen minutes before he was stopped by Officer Wilson, he had initiated a strongarm robbery and assaulted a convenience store owner. Had he lived, he would have faced numerous felony charges including assaulting a law officer. Ironically, his last words... "You're too pussy to shoot me," as he struggled to reach Officer Wilson's firearm have enshrined his arrogance and misplaced sense of superiority for all time.

Stick to reliable facts. How about quoting the people who gave sworn testimony to the grand jury... accounts that, surprise, surprise, back up Officer Wilson's narrative. Quoting Michael Brown's "homies"... (people who won't give testimony under oath) is ridiculous and inflammatory. Hyperbolic accounts of homicidal cops manufactured on the spot and stories that defy the physical evidence do not deserve to see the light of day.

Do not automatically beatify the families. Michael Brown's mother gave birth before she got out of primary school. What sort of upbringing do you imagine he actually had. Louis Head, Michael's stepfather, a twice convicted felon and gangbanger was seen hysterically screaming for the gathered masses to "Burn this bitch (the city of Ferguson) down."

If Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown are indeed the poster boys for racial injustice in America, there is very little hope for any sort of reconciliation.

This is why we don't respect the MSM. This is why newpapers and television news are being superceded by internet media. Learn or die.