02 November 2014

The Right Stuff

But now it is clear that much of the Ford message resonated well with hundreds of thousands of perfectly respectable voters. They appreciated his responsiveness (the mayor always answered every phone message personally), avoidance of extravagance (even the Star conceded that he cut $638-million over four years from the City’s expenses), and a jovial, if sometimes laddish demeanor.


Anonymous said...

I can't reconcile how Harper law and order conservatives support a lying crack user. Ford's repeatedly lied, was mixed up with drug dealers and used crack. Why did conservatives like this guy? He is exactly the kind of guy that conservatives despise. But clearly they did not. I don't understand.

Neo Conservative said...

nonny, how exactly do they support him? buy him drugs, light the pipe?

maybe what you should be worried about is that, despite the msm relentlessly attacking rob ford, his brother, a late stand-in candidate, ended up with 11% more votes than saint jack layton's wife.