10 November 2014

Shshhh... nobody tell P-Spawn

it's about the wymyn stoopidIt comes to lame-ass dick jokes... less is definitely more.


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,,,honour thy father...

"Pierre Trudeau opted not to serve in World War II, although of age and in good health. He traveled to Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union to participate in regime-sponsored propaganda activities. He wrote in praise of Mao’s murderous regime in China. Trudeau lavishly admired Fidel Castro, Julius Nyere, and other Third World dictators."


Anonymous said...

Harper is the biggest dick in Canada.

Lorne Russell said...

When the most intelligent comment you can come up with is "Harper is the biggest dick in Canada." you had best remain anonymous.

Neo Conservative said...

oh nonny... what would i do without your erudite trollbait?


TangoJuliette said...

Hey ninnie. uh nonny.

'... Anonymous said...
Harper is the biggest dick in Canada...'

Is this you, admitting to having sampled All Canadian Dicks, allowing you to confidently make your statement of comparison, as posted above? WoW!! O ! Me-O-my!!

I'll assume that you were wearing your industirial strength knee-pads, as you did your research, eh, buck-o?

Neo Conservative said...

i know it's hard folks, but let's not take the troll bait. the post is not about fellatio or the prime minister.

the post is about justin trudeau's repudiation and belittlement of a military response to the isis butchery in the middle east. justin thinks we should send parkas and lip balm to fix the situation.

as we know the government of canada has chosen to deal with it in a different fashion.

like nonny, mr trudeau tries to hijack the discussion and make it all about himself. it is narcissistic and cowardly in the extreme.


TangoJuliette said...

Dear H of Mac, Neo Con, "Anonymous" and all other reader of this site.

You're right, of course. I apologize for my gaucheness. Not by way of an excuse, but merely facts for the record: I'm an old crotchety and cantankerous vet. Moody too, this time of year.

And nonny leads with his chin. My lack of self control is appalling. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. "Anonymous:" this apology is for you as well.



Neo Conservative said...

tj... that is gracious of you... not to worry.

i let nonny's ridiculous, often hateful trolls through simply to illustrate the lengths to which the lunatic left will go to promote their ridiculous agenda.

in nonny's case it's more just his plaintive whines... "look at me, look at me..."... but i trust you get my point.

pspawn is beginning to be recognised, even by the usually fawning msm as an intellectual lightweight. that's a start.


Anonymous said...

Yes us grownup's realize that all
the spawn of Pierre the coward and shaggy Maggie has to offer is juvenile hubris.
A perect little Liberal.
cheers Bubba