03 November 2014

There are no terrorists, right, Tom?

So who are you really afraid of... Rex Murphy... or Conrad Black?


Anonymous said...

Both Chr├ętien and Trudeau had break-ins. Chr├ętien and a Ralph Klein were both assaulted in public. Security is a reasonable concern. Good cheap shot though. Kudos.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny, you totally missed the point again. i happen to think the leader of the official opposition would be a juicy enough target for islamic terrorists and he should be protected.

the point here is, tommy and the ndp would happily disarm canadians (witness olivia chow's proposed handgun ban) but have no problem calling up armed bodyguards for themselves.

i'm sure saint jack layton was publicly against child prostitution, but that didn't stop him from getting caught butt naked in the velvet touch "massage" parlour during an underage hooker raid.

you see the hypocrisy, right? the lifeblood of the lunatic left.