21 November 2014

That horrified "can't look away" feeling

...homegrown media & blogosphere hold their collective breath as Trudeau Liberals check gun is loaded... by looking down the barrel...come, my sweet prince, kiss meOh gawd, oh gawd... he's not gonna... I mean nobody's that... even a part-time drama teacher... please, please, please...


FROM THE COMMENTS: If anybody can sum it up...

...it's Kathy... (nota bene: quote is from the always hilarious Skippy Stalin)
"Dear Jesus,
I know we haven’t talked lately, but you’re still my favorite nailed-up guy. Please let Warren Kinsella run for office. Have I ever mentioned that you have a swimmer’s body?"

LAST WORD: Love/hate relationship?
“Bottom line is that Liberals just don’t get why we’d choose to stand next to a human shrapnel machine.”