21 November 2014

That horrified "can't look away" feeling

...homegrown media & blogosphere hold their collective breath as Trudeau Liberals check gun is loaded... by looking down the barrel...come, my sweet prince, kiss meOh gawd, oh gawd... he's not gonna... I mean nobody's that... even a part-time drama teacher... please, please, please...


FROM THE COMMENTS: If anybody can sum it up...

...it's Kathy... (nota bene: quote is from the always hilarious Skippy Stalin)

"Dear Jesus,
I know we haven’t talked lately, but you’re still my favorite nailed-up guy. Please let Warren Kinsella run for office. Have I ever mentioned that you have a swimmer’s body?"

LAST WORD: Love/hate relationship?
“Bottom line is that Liberals just don’t get why we’d choose to stand next to a human shrapnel machine.”


Anonymous said...

WHAT! Ghomishi is not available?
HA Ha Ha Ha Snork........the decline continues.
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...


Just to clarify, that quote is from MJ Sheppard, i.e., Skippy Stalin.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... that quote is from MJ Sheppard, i.e., Skippy Stalin."

as is apparent when you link to kathy's post. i guess that's why i used the term "sum it up" as ks links to her archive, skippy's fb and some macleans stuff.

i could have been more specific... but brevity, as we all know... is the soul of wit.

you have a good point though... in this case skippy deserves credit. i almost swallowed my tongue when i read the quote.