28 March 2011

Time for a Harper majority

coalition of weasels
"The large number of Bloc members in parliament virtually guarantees an endless series of minority governments with traitors sworn to the destruction of the country holding the balance of power. If that’s not a dysfunctional democracy I’ll eat my hat."

"I don’t think we need any lessons in ethics, democracy or integrity from Duceppe. He leads a leads a party comprised of MPs who are breathlessly waiting to collect a rich Canadian pension while they attempt to destroy the country."
Meanwhile, Mickey I. continues to endlessly roll that big red rock up Mount Credibility...
pants on fire
Leger Marketing surveyed 1,119 Canadians Saturday and Sunday and asked, among other things, if they believe Ignatieff when he says he's "ruling out a coalition." Only 17% of those surveyed were prepared to take him at his word.
And wait... it's even worse than you might think...
And even among those who identified themselves as Liberal voters, 35% do not believe their leader's claim while just 32% do believe him.
Come back Stephane... all is forgiven!!!


"Bitch whine moan swipe but when someone replies back, neo nony jacks off and shrieks in holy terror."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 11:40 AM, March 28, 2011

LAST WORD: Consider the alternative
"As others have pointed out, and as I’ve said myself, Ignatieff’s formal disavowal of any post-election coalition with the NDP and the Bloc does not mean he has sworn off trying to form a government with their support."

"Indeed, if Harper does not win a majority, that is the almost certain result."