26 March 2011

They keep saying Ignatieff's the smart one...

...but... right now... it's looking like the political equivalent of suicide by cop...

As the campaign begins, the focus to a large degree is on the leaders and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is struggling right off the bat.

His approval rating sits at 19 per cent — about the same as Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe on a national basis.

That is barely half the 37 per cent approval rating garnered by both Harper and NDP Leader Jack Layton.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Never mind the 19%...

...I'm with Gilles...
"Did you watch as Duceppe called Harper a liar. called him(,) a liar."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 10:17 AM, March 26, 2011
Yup... what we really need to worry about... totally apart from the three socialist stooges... is nonnypuss & the rest of the "coalition of sheep."

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bertie said...

And tell me exactly why Jack would be trusted.?????Living in subsidized housing with his wife.He will never,ever have power to put into force any of his promises.Why exactly is he trusted??Was and is willing to gain power through a coalition??Why exactly is JACK trusted.??????????????????????????????

Poppie2010 said...

I can't believe it's(19)that high.

Neo Conservative said...

iggy, unfortunately, has the personality of a garden rake... and that will be the liberal's downfall.


oxygentax said...


The more the Liberals move into NDP policy territory, the higher Jack's poll numbers go. People start figuring that if they are going to vote for someone with those policies, they might as well vote for the people that have been mouthing those policies all along.

Personally, I would vote for western separation than I would allow the three stooges to fund their policies on the backs of hard working westerners.

And yes Neo, you can come too.

Neo Conservative said...

"oxygentax says... And yes Neo, you can come too."

if ontario keeps on tilting so severely to the left... i may just take you up on that.


Rich said...

Assuming we got a minority CPC gov't, in my opinion the gameplan of the opposition parties is to form a coalition and defeat that new minority gov't as soon as possible after the election.
If voters don't want that to happen they need to vote for the Conservatives.
We need to get this message out there.
The real choice in this election, for non-Quebecers, is the Conservatives or the coalition.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... form a coalition and defeat that new minority gov't"

which would explain why professor zinfandel is dancing so furiously around all the questions he is getting about his "coalition" plans.

who's the guy who famously said...

“Nothing is personal in politics, because politics is theater. It is part of the job to pretend to have emotions that you do not actually feel.”

sorry, iggy... government is neither theatre, nor some theoretical construct that you can bandy about a lecture hall filled with impressionable students.

it actually has to get stuff done... apparently a novel concept in iggy circles.

mr ignatieff superglues his fiberal idealogy to the blockheads & the dippers space-age social engineering... our grandchildren will end up in perpetual hock.

again... friends don't let friends vote liberal.