15 March 2011

If it wasn't for the aptly named Rabble.ca...

...who would be there to lecture us about our "settler responsibilities?"
-- TORONTO -- More importantly, given the context of Blatchford's work, we will protest her talk because members of First Nations Solidarity Working Group consider it as an integral part of our settler responsibilities to hold whites and other settlers accountable and respond to racist and savaged representations of people of Six Nations and other Indigenous nations.

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Hydro One has been powerless to complete a $116-million transmission line upgrade for five years because Caledonia “warriors” won’t allow workers to wire the last towers.

LAST WORD: In other "racist settler" news
"Looks like Shawn scared them shitless so they ran away, like the chickenshit drunken racists they are, which was his goal."

"He threw the spear at the truck to mark it for future identification. It worked."